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The good news is almost all websites have one of three problems. Some websites sadly have all of these problems. But make no mistake all of these problems are bad for business.

Website Design?

If you don't have a website then you need to fix this problem immediately. The current business climate requires an on-line presense. Just like a phone book ad was required back in the 80's. Without a website people will question if you are running a real business.

Being Found?

If your website is up that's Awesome! If your site isn't getting any traffic then we need to find a way to rectify the situation. We don't want your rocking new website to be sitting at the party all by herself. That's just sad. There are many traffic generating strategies in my tool belt.

Conversion Rate?

Your website is up and you are on the first page of Google, but the phone isn't ringing. What gives? Well this usually means we have a disconnect between the website and your potential customers. But have no fear, through testing and my experience we can fix it!

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