Of course. As a rule of thumb I prefer to target 2 key phrases per page. You are more than welcome to choose any keywords you like, and we will track the progress of many more keywords for your website. I limit the total number of keywords/ key phrases per website to 12. Any more than 12 becomes difficult to retain your sites focus. I am also more than happy to assist you in choosing keywords as well.

For all SEO services you will receive a monthly report showing the rankings increase for all keywords. For all analytics services you will receive a monthly report showing the keywords used to get to your website.

Yes. I use a very large variety of organic link building, blogging and content link building, so depending on the budget I will mix and match link building so your website will have the strongest link profile possible in the long term, while still producing great results in the short term. It can take months to years to build a great link profile that sets your website as a trusted authority site. Factors such as budget, amount of pages and keywords targeted, and the competitiveness of the niche all play a role in how the strategy is carried out.

I use many statistical tools to determine the best keywords to target. Looking at how many times a keyword is searched on a daily and monthly basis in Google and Bing, how much the keyword costs to rank in the top 3 positions in Google pay per click (adwords), how much competition the keyword has (both organically and in ppc), I find what keywords your competitors are targeting for both organic and ppc ads, and what keywords best fit your website. I do the research and present you with a list of great keywords, and then it is a decision to determine which keywords to target.

Absolutely. The first thing I do with new clients is a complete review of the companies website and provide an initial site recommendation. Every client also has a phone conversation to go over any changes that might be needed to the site, to discuss the business goals, and to discuss the strategy moving forward.

Well, that varies on the package that you want. FYI, my package pricing is located on each service page. My normal rate is $80 per hour for project work

Depending upon what industry you are in once you get to the top of the mountain you may decide to stop working on your SEO. That strategy is fairly dangerous in the long-term if you have any competition. But if you are in a non-competitive industry then staying on top shouldn't be that hard.

Well you have two options. I can teach you what you need to do in order to maintain the SEO on your own. Or you can continue working under one of my maintenance plans.


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