“Panda” Update #24

Google’s “Panda” algorithm shook up the search engine giants rankings and created a panic from Search Engine Optimizers around the world in 2011.  Well they are at it again and they have posted the 24th iteration of the “Panda” algorithm change.

As most people are aware Google makes over 400 changes per year to it’s proprietary search algorithm so it is not uncommon for changes to be made.  However, the changes usually have a small effect on the search terms used.  Panda changed all of that as Google is hell bent to punish anyone that they consider to be gaming the search engine to increase their rankings.  This latest iteration will impact 1.2% of all English based queries and has already begun to hit a wide swath of sites across the world.

So, If your search rankings are going haywire over the last couple of weeks at least you know why.

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