How Long Will It Take to Get My Website on Google?

There are many factors that weigh in to how long it will take a site to become recognized in Google’s natural listings. The first thing to understand is that there is a considerable divide between simply getting listed and achieving good positioning in Google’s search engine results page (or “SERP”). IT isn’t very difficult to just get listed. What is more difficult is getting that strong, organic positioning. That can take months or even years to achieve.

Here are a few of the determining factors for achieving good positioning in Google:

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What is the Difference between Local and Traditional SEO?

Not all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is created equal.

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, it is important to understand not only how SEO works, but how its functionality differs on both a local and global scale. Good SEO is vital for rankings and for generating traffic, but even a site that is ranked #1 in Google and is getting a constant flow of traffic will not necessarily be profitable if the wrong SEO scheme is being used to generate those results.

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