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Conversion Rate Optimization Funny StuffUnderstanding what is happening when people visit your business' website is crucial to improving the performance of the site. I conduct an in-depth audit of your users behavior, which analyzes how visitors arrived on the site, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed, and if they utilized the call to action. This data is the first step in optimizing your site to increase website leads, and this is the process called conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization is crucial to your monetary success and ROI. You could be getting a bunch of traffic to your companies site, but if that traffic is not converting into lead generation, then there is a problem. This service should be titled "Show me the money" in contrast to conversion optimization services, but the latter description sounds more professional.

The design of your firm's website, it's navigation, copy writing, and calls-to-action play a large roll in increasing the probability of converting a visitor into a customer. Your website must effectively communicate your message and allow visitors to find the information they need. If your site doesn't connect or engage your visitors with what they are looking for they will leave and go to a competitor's site. It's that simple.

The conversion problem may be related to your website or the problems could lie outside of the website. One example, many years ago I had a client complain to me that his web traffic was not converting to sales, so we began a conversion audit to determine the problem. After a fairly short consultation, I found out that the business did not have a receptionist, never answered the phone, and took days to return phone calls. After these issues were changed, lo and behold he did not have a conversion problem any longer.

Due to the wide array of potential problems that may be encountered and the low or high amount of time required with conversion optimization it is very difficult to have a package price. Therefore, I charge a flat rate of $80 per hour for all services rendered with a two-hour minimum.

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