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Pay Per Click Management Funny StuffPay Per Click (PPC) is strictly an advertising play and is exactly like it sounds. You pay for every click that you receive to your website. I'm a huge proponent of PPC unlike many SEO companies. I love PPC because of the high level of control that it allows and you can be ranked on the first page ... in about 2 hours. Many people tell me I don't want to pay for the click I want free clicks from SEO. Which sounds really good in theory, but SEO takes time and it costs money too. I have one current customer that makes over $25 for every $1 he spends on PPC, which isn't that bad of a deal. He is ranked on the first page for multiple keywords but still continues the PPC advertising because it is so successful.

I focus on very targeted demographics, keywords and area for my PPC campaigns. I work closely with business owners to craft the best ad and build the best landing page. Then we track the success of the ad and the keywords to make sure you are getting a great return. On many occasions my clients start with PPC and then as they continue having success with the ads they re-invest the profits into the SEO and design elements of their website.

PPC is a results now thing and SEO is a results in the future kind of thing.

Pay per click (PPC) marketing allows you to cut to the front of the Google results, the only catch is you have to pay for every click to your site. Many SEO experts consider PPC to be a bad strategy, but that is not the case for many businesses. I agree that free traffic is better than paid traffic, but if that traffic is converting into sales then paying a little to get a lot works.

PPC marketing can be extremely tricky especially if you don't know the tricks of the trade. It can also be damaging to your wallet if you don't pick the right constraints, keywords, negative keywords, and monitor your results closely.

Costs for PPC management go down over time, because the amount of time and involvement is highest in months one thru three. I charge the following structure Month 1 is $425, Month 2 is $400, Month 3 is $375 and it is $350 for every month thereafter.

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