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Search Engine Optimization Funny StuffThe main purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to make sure that your business ranks on the 1st page of Google and Bing. First page is extremely important because over 90% of all online searchers never look past the 1st page of results. My focus is to get your website to show up in the first three results and multiple times on the first page. Being ranked in the top three is important because over 50% of all online searchers click on one of the top three results. In fact, I have one client who shows up on the first page of Google eight times for his most important search term. Needless to say he is a happy camper. If a potential client does a search and your business shows up on the first page multiple times it sends a very powerful message of "Why wouldn't I choose this company".

The process of Search Engine optimization is similar for every client. It requires an assessment of where you and your competition is right now. Then we create a plan and lastly we implement that plan. On many occasions plans are similar, but to get the best results I focus on creating a detailed strategic plan for your specific business and industry.

Search Engine Optimization is usually a long term process, because rankings are never achieved in a vacuum. Once you have reached the first page or the top three rankings that means you have knocked another company out of their position. On most occasions this business isn't happy about losing ranking and potential business so they will attempt to regain the rankings. Always remember if you have competition your companies search rankings are either improving or decreasing, they never stay the same.

Local SEO: This package is focused on ranking highly in a localized market. Local search is a subset of search engine optimization that mainly focuses on the Google, Yahoo and Bing map searches. For most small and medium sized businesses this is the starting point to your SEO journey. All of my local clients have been moved up to either page 1 or page 2 within 3 to 6 months of implementing this package. This package is a must have for any new business and is a part of The Works' website design package, but can be purchased separately. The price for this package is $495 in month one, $275 in month two, and $275 in month three.

Content Creation: This package includes article/ blog writing for your businesses blog. Quality content creation has become the number one factor for increasing your search engine ranking. I have had great success with this package alone, and I highly recommend it to anyone starting a broad based SEO campaign. This package includes three articles per month and will cost $250.

Link/ Citation Building: This package includes adding multiple high quality back links or citations to your website. This option is a great maintenance plan for businesses that are more established and looking to stay ranked above fast moving competitors. This package costs $350 per month.

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